StyleShaver Waterproof shaver & styler

0.5 mm intervals, Dual sided trimmer, 50 mins' cordless use/4-hr charge, Dual foil shaver
StyleShaver Waterproof shaver & styler

Create your style
Trim, style, shave - create your style

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StyleShaver Waterproof shaver & styler
Create your style with the Philips Styleshaver. At the flip of your wrist, this dual-ended beard styler and shaver has everything you need to create any style from perfect stubble, a styled beard or a clean shave.
Shave, Trim, Style
Beard and stubble trimmer: 12 length settings from 0.5-10 mm
The full metal trimmer (32 mm) and the comb with 12 adjustable length settings makes it easy to get exactly the beard length you want. Lock in your perfect length setting with the zoom wheel. The durable metal trimmer with skin-friendly rounded edges guarantees a precise and even trim.
New foil shaver: Shaves 20% faster than before
The new dual foil shaver makes it easy to shave around your style. The mid-trimmer catches longer, tougher hairs and the 2 floating foils shave everything else perfectly smooth.
32-mm or 15-mm full metal trimmer for perfect details
Take off the adjustable comb and there's a full metal, dual sided trimmer underneath. Use the 32-mm side for a high-performance trim and the 15-mm side for precise detailing work in those hard to reach places. The rounded tips ensure a smooth touch to your skin. The finer cutting elements deliver a close trim with perfect results — excellent for small details or areas like under your nose or around your mouth.
50 mins' cordless power after 4 hours' charge
The Lithium Ion battery delivers up to 50 mins of powerful cordless use and is fully charged in only 4 hours.
Sharper trimmer cuts hair more efficiently
The full metal trimmer has sharper edges for more efficient performance. The detail trimmer is specially designed to give a closer trim even in the most hard to reach areas.
Skin-friendly performance
Allows you to shave wet and dry
For extra skin protection and optimal shaving results, use wet with gel or foam, it can also be used dry for convenience. And when you're done, just rinse the product under the tap to clean it.
Easy to use
Easy to select and secure length settings
Zoom wheel makes it easy to adjust the comb in the 12 length settings. The settings offer ultimate precision of 0.5-mm steps on the shorter lengths to define exactly the style you want, between a 5 o'clock shade and 3 days' stubble. Also, for longer beards, it offers exactly the lengths you need in 1-mm step sizes.
Shows the battery status
The light is continuously lit to indicate a full battery, and blinks orange when you have about 10 minutes of usage left.
Foldable stand for convenient charging and storage
The foldable charging stand gives you convenience at home and flexibility when travelling.
Beard comb ensures a perfectly even trim
The design of the beard comb gives you more control, allowing you to always trim your beard evenly.
2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed
All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2-year worldwide guarantee and worldwide voltage compatibility, and they never need to be oiled.
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StyleShaver Waterproof shaver & styler
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