Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam generator iron

Max 6.5-bar pressure, Up to 440 g steam boost, Ultra-lightweight iron, 2.5-l fixed water tank
Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam generator iron

Ultra-powerful ironing and perfect vertical steaming
with our lightest iron and largest water tank

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Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam generator iron
PerfectCare Aqua Pro comes with our ultra-light iron and extra-large 2.5-l water tank — ideal for long ironing sessions and perfect vertical steaming.
Carefree ironing, no temperature setting required
Most powerful steam for the fastest ironing results*
The innovative steam engine generates ultra-powerful steam that penetrates deep inside the garments, making ironing faster and more efficient. The steam power can be regulated to fit your needs.
Iron everything from jeans to silk with no temperature setting required
"Now you can iron from jeans to silk with no temperature setting required. Guaranteed not to burn any ironable fabrics. Revolutionary technology with the 1) Advanced Smart Control Processor which controls precisely the soleplate temperature. You do not need to adjust the temperature 2) Compact ProVelocity steam engine delivers more steam for faster ironing. It features a compact design for easier storage"
Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board
The innovative Philips OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics. During ironing, there is no need to put your iron back on the base station; just leave the hot iron soleplate directly on the garments or cotton ironing board cover without an additional resting accessory. It will not damage any of your ironable garments, or the board. This makes your ironing easier, with less wrist effort.
Tested and approved by independent textile experts
This iron is tested and approved by independent textile expert institutes, such as DWI, IWTO and Woolmark, for its excellent ironing performance. The Woolmark Apparel Care programme helps consumers to identify quality laundry products that are approved by The Woolmark Company for use on wool products. Philips, with its exclusive OptimalTEMP technology, is so far the only brand to be certified with the Gold standard from Woolmark. You can be confident that Woolmark-approved apparel care products are ideal for any wool garments.
Ultra-fast ironing and perfect vertical steaming
Our best gliding soleplate
The 5-star-rated soleplate with integrated Titanium-Oxide layer offers our best gliding performance and is the most scratch resistant
Up to 6.5 bar pressure
The more steam, the faster the ironing. Consistent powerful steam is generated which penetrates deep inside the garments making ironing both faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to suit your needs.
Steam boost up to 440 g
The steam boost can be used for vertical steaming and tough creases.
Extremely convenient
Large 2.5 l fully visible water tank
The extra-large 2.5 L water tank ensures up to 3 hours ironing without any refilling. It makes your ironing faster and easier. Thanks to the clear water tank, you can see the water level from any angle and make sure you still have enough water to steam efficiently.
Ultra-lightweight iron for maximum comfort
Your steam generator iron is the ideal weight: amazingly lightweight and comfortable to handle. It glides easily over your garments, removes the toughest creases in no time and reduces the stress on your wrist. It also makes vertical steaming very easy and effective. You can now comfortably and effectively remove creases from your delicates, like jackets, dresses and even difficult-to-iron garments with pleats, decorations, buttons etc. using steam.
Refill with tap water at any time
Your steam generator iron is designed to use tap water. While ironing, when the water tank runs out of water, you can easily refill it without having to wait or turn off your appliance.
*Based on IEC60311, clause 11 protocol, compared to GC9140 at maximum steam
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Perfect Care Aqua Pro Steam generator iron
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