Philips Avent Sealing discs for feeding bottle

Bottle accessories
Philips Avent Sealing discs for feeding bottle

Easy milk and food storage
Ideal for storing and freezing breast milk or food

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Sealing discs for feeding bottle
The Philips Avent sealing discs convert all Philips Avent feeding bottles into breast milk and food storage containers. They are compatible with our Natural and Classic bottles and are BPA-free.
Easily store your milk and food
6 sealing discs to store breast milk or food
Easily store your milk and food in the Philips Avent bottle. Close the bottle with the sealing disc.
Ideal for freezing breast milk
The sealing disc allows you to store or freeze your precious breast milk, without leaking. Please keep in mind that the sealing disc has to be used with the Philips Avent adapter ring in order to prevent leaking.
Write date on the disc for storage
You can write the date of expressing or freezing on the sealing disc. Easily organise your breast milk or baby food.
BPA Free (0% Bisphenol A)
Philips Avent sealing discs are BPA free
Philips Avent sealing discs are made from polpropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), two BPA-free materials.
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Philips Avent Sealing discs for feeding bottle
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