IronCare Anti-scale cartridge

Eliminates 99% of calc, Suitable for IronCare, Pack with 3 cartridges, Ultra-fast filtration
IronCare Anti-scale cartridge

Anti-calc cartridge*
Suitable for IronCare water descale filter GC024

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IronCare Anti-scale cartridge
The anti-calc cartridge is suitable for the IronCare water descale filter. It will ensure optimal performance of your water descale filter and maintain great steam output.
Keep your iron at top performance
99% calc-free* filtered water for your iron
The ion exchange resin in the cartridge removes 99%* of scale from tap water; it provides treated water that can be used for ironing. *Under 25 l of water treatment at 8.4 dH
Ensures consistent steam flow from your iron
Demineralised water from IronCare will help prevent scale building up quickly in the iron, inside the soleplate and boiler. Calc particles will not block the steam holes so you will get consistent steam from your iron, making your ironing experience more pleasant.
Prevents calc residue on clothes
The extra-effective cartridge helps prevent scale build-up. While you are ironing, your expensive dress will not be ruined by calc residue. You will be looking good with well-ironed clothes.
Quick and easy ironing start
Ultra-fast filtration to filter water quickly
The specially designed cartridge allows water to pass through the cartridge quickly, so you can start ironing quickly without waiting. Place IronCare next to you so you can refill your iron at any time, without taking your iron to the sink for refilling each time.
Easy handling of replaceable cartridge
Replace cartridge when the colour has changed
The colour of the cartridge will change gradually based on the amount of water treated, from top to bottom. You will notice at the end of the cartridge's life span that the colour has changed from blue to brown. Replace your cartridge when the colour changes completely to brown to ensure the appliance continues to perform optimally.
Up to 3 months' ironing
The lifetime of your cartridge depends on the water hardness where you live and the number of hours you spend ironing per week; 1 cartridge provides up to 3 months of ironing time.
Suitable for IronCare water descale filter
The replacement cartridge ensures optimal performance of your IronCare water descale filter.
*It is possible that the product looks darker and is wetter than on the package picture as it has been pre-treated with demineralised water to ensure the best performance.
**under 12 l of water treatment at 16.8 dH
**tested on Philips GC5000 series steam iron with 16.8 dH water, referring to calc effect (influence) only
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IronCare Anti-scale cartridge
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