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Clearance products. High-quality discountinued and previous year products.

Philips clearance products are new, unopened products that are discounted because they are being discontinued.

What is the warranty on clearance products?

Clearance products carry their original one-year factory warranty.

What is the return policy on clearance products?

Clearance products come with a 28-day return policy.

Philips Fidelio A1 wireless Hi-Fi link

Digital Connectivity
Philips Fidelio A1 wireless Hi-Fi link

All your music in high fidelity sound. Wirelessly.
Obsessed with sound

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A1 wireless Hi-Fi link
Connecting to your Hi-Fi system, the Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi link delivers your entire cloud music collection and Internet radio stations to your living room. Use your Android or Apple portable device to browse, stream and play.
Upgrade your stereo with wireless Hi-Fi
Easily connect to your home stereo to enjoy music wirelessly
Easily connect the Wireless Hi-Fi System to your own Hi-Fi or home theatre system and stream music from your computer, mobile device or the Internet.
Multiple connection options to play music from other players
Line-in connection allows you to enjoy your music from other devices on the Wireless Hi-Fi System. Simply connect your MP3, CD or DVD player to the System via the line-out port.
Enjoy all your music wirelessly
Enjoy a universe of online music services
Getting a subscription to online music services is one of the best ways to get your hands on a variety of music, including the latest releases. You can also access music anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. With the Philips Wireless Hi-Fi, you don't even need to turn on your computer to enjoy the online music service.
Enjoy thousands of free Internet radio stations
Now you can stay abreast of all kinds of music worldwide. Tune in to over 30,000+ Internet radio stations and expand your music enjoyment options.
Stream music from your mobile device or PC wirelessly
Stream all your music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer – from anywhere at home. Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi comes with AirStudio app, available both for Android and Apple devices, so you can share wirelessly all the music stored in your mobile device and enjoy it in high-fidelity sound at home. It also features MediaManager, a PC and Mac compatible software, which allows you easy access to your entire music library stored on your computer. Simply select the folders you want to access or share, or leave it to MediaManager to automatically import your iTunes™ music library.
Intuitive and easy to use
Easy access radio presets
Ultimate convenience through easy setup
Ultimate convenience through easy set up. Simplified installation - Plug and Play product
AirStudio+ to control your music from your mobile device
AirStudio+ allows you to stream music from a mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet, to the Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker. Available from the Apple App store and Google Play, the App automatically detects mobile and other compatible devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network, giving you instant control of your music. Control music playback, volume and sound settings, as well as online music services and Internet radio from any device, anywhere.
Napster is available only in Germany and the United Kingdom.
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Fidelio Audio
Philips Fidelio A1 wireless Hi-Fi link
Fidelio audio
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