BlueTouch pain relief patch

Innovative Blue LED technology, For muscular back pain, Wireless, Need to be used with strap
BlueTouch pain relief patch

Drug free relief from muscular back pain
Innovative pain therapy with blue LED light

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BlueTouch pain relief patch
Philips BlueTouch is capable of reducing back pain without the use of drugs. The blue LED light supports the body’s own recovery processes and the pain decreases noticeably. Philips BlueTouch is available prescription-free in pharmacies.
World-first against back pain
Unique pain therapy with blue LED light
The use of blue LED light for treating back pain is a world-first in new approaches to therapy. Philips BlueTouch makes pain relief possible without the use of drugs: the blue LED light exclusively supports the body’s own processes for helping with pain relief. BlueTouch has been specially developed for use on the upper and/or lower regions of the back. Thanks to its drug free mode of action, this application represents a substance-free alternative to medicinal products. Philips BlueTouch is available prescription-free in pharmacies.
New approaches to therapy with substance-free alternative
The blue light supports the body’s own processes. When blue LED light hits the human skin, the body’s own supplies of nitric oxide (NO) molecules are released and transported to the muscle causing pain. This small molecule has a great effect: Side effects, as may occur with drug-based treatments, are therefore excluded.
Soothing effect: warmth and the body’s own processes
Aside from its noticeable soothing warmth, the blue LED light stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO promotes the circulation. As a consequence, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is improved, and at the same time pain transmission is reduced. The muscles can relax and pain is relieved. NO is said to have antioxidant, cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is thus able to protect muscles and nerves against damage and prevent further injuries. Philips BlueTouch can therefore not only bring pain relief but also act as a preventive measure.
The application: simple, convenient and discreet
Back straps for a high level of comfort
Thanks to the comfortable, individually adjustable back straps, Philips BlueTouch can be worn discreetly under your clothes. The fastening straps made of high-grade textiles have been specially developed for the upper and lower regions of the back. Simply insert BlueTouch into the opening in the back strap provided, then place the back strap against the body and secure it using the Velcro fasteners. This makes BlueTouch comfortable to wear at any time, both at home and on the move.
Short treatment times, three intensity levels
Philips BlueTouch can be used up to twice a day. The length of each treatment depends on the intensity level selected. In Mode 1 (gentle), the device should be used for a maximum of 30 minutes, in Mode 2 (medium) for 20 minutes and in Mode 3 (intense) for 15 minutes. Intensity levels can be selected to match your own preferences. They differ in terms of light intensity and temperature. Thanks to the mode of action of blue LED light, BlueTouch can contribute to effective relief of back pain when used every day.
Mobile and discreet - to be integrated in the daily routine
Daily back pain therapy with Philips BlueTouch can be conveniently integrated into your daily routine. The appliance is battery-operated, which means that is does not need any cables. You can therefore move freely during treatment. Thanks to its compact size, BlueTouch can also be discreetly worn underneath your clothing. During treatment you can also go about your daily activities, such as going to the office and doing housework or shopping.
For everyday life: safe and long-lasting
Safe to use
Philips BlueTouch is totally safe to use. The combination of blue light and warmth encourages repair of damaged muscles through increased blood circulation and enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply.; Side effects, as may occur with drug-based treatments, are therefore excluded. As soon as you switch on the appliance, the LED unit lights up in low power feedback mode. You can therefore look into the blue light without any cause for concern. BlueTouch does not develop its full luminous power until the sensor on the appliance has contact with the skin. It switches off automatically after the treatment. A temperature sensor also monitors your skin temperature.
Simple cleaning
Philips BlueTouch is straightforward to clean: simply wipe the surface with a moist, soft cloth or clean it with a very soft brush. Please do not immerse the device in water or hold it under flowing water. The back straps can be cleaned in a washing machine at 30 degrees.
Try now and see for yourself
Test it: 30-day money-back guarantee
See for yourself how it works and test Philips BlueTouch! If not satisfied, you will receive your money back within 30 days of the purchase date.
First results of pain relief experienced after 5 treatments
Evidence suggests that the first results of pain relief are usually experienced after 5 treatment days with BlueTouch
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BlueTouch pain relief patch
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