BlueTouch App-controlled pain relief patch

Innovative Blue LED technology, For muscular back pain, iOS & Android compatible, Including an upper back strap
BlueTouch App-controlled pain relief patch

Natural drug-free relief from muscular back pain
Clinically proven* blue-light pain relief therapy

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BlueTouch App-controlled pain relief patch
Philips BlueTouch uses innovative blue-light therapy with a dual effect. It provides soothing warmth and stimulates the release of nitric oxide within the body to increase local blood flow and support the body’s natural recovery processes.
Innovative blue LED light technology
Uniquely uses blue LED light to increase local blood flow
BlueTouch patch contains 40 blue LEDs that create therapeutic light. Blue light delivers warmth and stimulates the body's natural release of NO, both leading to an increased blood flow thus improving nutrient and oxygen supply and the removing of metabolites, to support the recovery process of the affected muscles in the treatment area.
Additional soothing warmth effect for back pain relief
BlueTouch also produces beneficial warmth that relaxes the muscles for back pain relief and provides the wearer with a sense of well-being.
Information about contra indications in the user manual
Do not use BlueTouch if you have one of the contraindications that is listed in the user manual. Please find the full overview in the user manual. Some examples include: - If you have a known sun allergy - If you are on steroids. This medication makes the skin more susceptible to irritation - If you have an implanted medical device (screw, etc.) in or near the treatment area or an active implantable medical device such as cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, neurostimulator, cochlear implant, active drug administration device anywhere in the body - If you are pregnant
Increases local blood flow to help pain relief
Uses warmth and natural healing effect of blue light
Philips BlueTouch uses a warmth effect and triggers natural healing processes with blue light to relieve back pain without drugs.
Drug-free treatment
The major benefit of therapy with blue LED light lies in its natural character. The blue light stimulates the body’s own processes. When blue LED light hits the human skin, the body’s own supplies of nitric oxide (NO) molecules are released and transported to the muscle causing back pain. This small molecule has a great effect: The back pain is relieved naturally.
Control your treatment using an iOS/Android device
Use the Treatment app for full control with a smart device
Philips BlueTouch is controlled with our specially designed app to make it easy to choose and control your pain relief treatment. The Treatment app is available for smartphone and tablet, and is compatible with iOS 7 and above and with Android 4.4 KitKat and above.
Track the progress of your treatments in diary overview
The Treatment diary is part of the Treatment app. With one tap of the diary function you get a comprehensive overview of your treatment history. You can use this overview to optimise your back pain treatment.
Use up to 30 min twice a day for relief in 1-2 weeks
Short treatment times, three intensity levels
Philips BlueTouch can be used up to twice a day. The length of each treatment depends on the intensity level selected. In Mode 1 (gentle), the device should be used for a maximum of 30 minutes; in Mode 2 (medium) for 20 minutes; and in Mode 3 (intense) for 15 minutes per treatment. Intensity levels can be selected to match your own preferences. They differ in terms of light intensity and temperature. Thanks to the mode of action of blue LED light, BlueTouch can contribute to effective relief of back pain when used every day.
Test it: 30-day money-back guarantee
See for yourself how it works and test Philips BlueTouch! Try it for at least two weeks for optimal effect. If not satisfied, you will receive your money back within 30 days of the purchase date.
Feel results within one to two weeks
Recommended usage: twice a day for up to 30 min. Feel results within one to two weeks.
*Prof. Dr. Hubert J. Bardenheuer (University Clinic Heidelberg, Germany), 24th Interdisciplinary Congress on Pain Therapy and Palliative Care, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, lecture 7 March 2013 re the use of BlueTouch for chronic musculoskeletal back pain.
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BlueTouch App-controlled pain relief patch
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