Performer Active Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Anti-Allergen

Filters 99% dust, pet hair & pollen, Bag reduces contact with dust, 3in1 nozzle for maximum dust pick up, AirflowMax technology
Performer Active Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Anti-Allergen

Full performance. For a deep clean.
Hygienic cleaning with AirflowMax

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Performer Active Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Anti-Allergen
The new Philips Performer Active vacuum cleaner delivers full cleaning performance with hygienic dust removal. AirflowMax technology keeps the suction power stronger for longer*. The TriActive+ nozzle removes dust efficiently from all floors.
Remarkable cleaning results
Energy efficiency class A
This vacuum cleaner is engineered to achieve full performance with class A energy efficiency.
Revolutionary AirflowMax technology for strong suction power
The unique AirflowMax technology keeps the suction power stronger for longer* to use the bag to the very end. The technology is built around the optimisation of three key elements: 1) Unique ribs profile inside the dust chamber to maximise airflow around the dustbag and enable the use of the entire bag surface. 2) Specially designed dust chamber capacity that allows the dustbag to fully unfold uniformly. 3) High quality, non-clogging fibre structures in the dustbag absorb dust without blocking the pores, which helps to avoid the reduction of suction power.
New 3-in-1 TriActive+ nozzle picks up coarse and fine dust
The TriActive+ nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go: 1) It gently opens the carpet with its specially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep down. 2) It sucks up bigger bits of dirt with its larger opening at the front. 3) It sweeps up the dust and dirt alongside furniture and walls with its two side brushes.
A-class performance on hard floors
This product achieves the highest cleaning performance class on hard floors. 100% of dust is picked up!
Turbo brush, perfect for homes with pet hair
The Turbo brush allows deep cleaning of carpets, easily removing hair and fluff. The rotating brush inside the nozzle actively removes small dust particles and pet hair, resulting in a better cleaning performance. The wheels of the nozzle ensure hard floors are not damaged during use.
Maximum convenience
Integrated brush for ultimate convenience
The vacuum cleaner is designed with integrated accessories, so that you do not need to carry extra pieces around while you clean. The soft dusting brush is conveniently integrated in the handle of the appliance so it's always ready to use.
ActiveLock couplings to easily adjust to each cleaning task
The ActiveLock couplings allow you to easily connect and disconnect the different nozzles and accessories from the telescopic tube while cleaning.
Soft bumper toe ensure easy gliding along furniture and walls
The soft bumper protects furniture and prevents damage if you accidentally bump into your furniture or walls and stops it from getting stuck on edges, so you can move around faster.
4 L dust capacity for longer cleaning
The specially designed 4 L dust chamber allows you to make optimal use of your dust bag, so you can clean for longer.
Hygienic cleaning
Allergy filter captures more than 99.9% of fine dust
Developed to meet the specific needs of allergy sufferers, and more generally of people demanding a higher level of hygiene.
s-bag Classic Long Performance lasts up to 50% longer
This new Philips synthetic dust bag has been developed to provide long-lasting vacuum cleaner performance, i.e. a high performance level and maximum filtration, up to the moment the dust bag is full and ready for disposal.
ECARF allergy-friendly quality tested
This vacuum cleaner is certified as Allergy friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. The exhaust air is purified up to 99.9% of allergens from, cat and dog hairs, dust mites or pollen to support an allergy friendly home environment.
*Suction power of Philips Performer Active compared to that of Philips Powerlife FC8322/09, as tested according IEC 60312-1:2011
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Performer Active Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Anti-Allergen
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